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Indian Polity General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-9

During the proclamation of Emergency in India ,1975 who was the president of India-
a- Shankar Dayal Sharma
b- V V Giri
c- Giani Zail Singh
d- Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad
Answer- d- Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad

Which article of Indian Constitution gives power to impeach India President-

a- Article 61
b- Article 76
c- Article 75
d- Article 356
Answer- a- Article 61

Who appoints the nominees from the Anglo-Indian Community in the Lok Sabha-

a- Prime Minister
b- President
c- Vice President
d- Election Commission
Answer- b- President

The president of India is elected by-
a- Open Ballot system
b- Direct Election
c- Single Transferrable Vote
d- Proportional Vote System
Answer- c- Single Transferrable Vote

The first president of independent Inida belongs to-
a- Bihar
b- Tamilnadu
c- UP
d- MP
Answer- a- Bihar

Which President of India held office for teo consecutive terms-
a- Zakir Hussain
b- Rajendra Prasad
c- Abdul Kalam
d- Radhakrishnan
Answer- b- Rajendra Prasad

In how many days the vacancy of the office of the President of India must be filled-
a- 1 Year
b- 6 Months
c- 1 Month
d- 30 Days
Answer- b- 6 Months

Which is the correct order of the Presidents terms-
a- Rajendra Prasad, S Radhakrishnan, Zakir Hussain, V V Giri
b- Rajendra Prasad, S Radhakrishnan, V V Giri, Zakir Hussain
c- S Radhakrishnan,Rajendra Prasad,Zakir Hussain, V V Giri
d- None
Answer- a- Rajendra Prasad, S Radhakrishnan, Zakir Hussain, V V Giri

Who conducts the election of the office of the President of India-
a- Prime Ministers office
b- Speaker of Lok Sabha
c- Election Commission
d- Vice President
Answer- c- Election Commission

In the absence of both the President and Vice President, who performs the duty of President-
a- Chief Justice of India
b- Lok Sabha Speaker
c- Prime Minister
d- Attorney General
Answer- a- Chief Justice of India

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