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Indian Polity General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-4

The first parliamentary form of government was formed in-
a- Britain
b- USA
c- India
d- Switzerland
Answer- a- Britain

The Judicial Review concept of our constitution was borrowed from the constitution of-
a- UK
b- USA
c- Canada
d- Switzerland
Answer- b- USA

The office of the Lokpal and Lokayukta in India is based on-
a- parliamentrycommissioner of UK
b- Ombudsman in Scandinavia
c- Council of state in France
d- Procurator General of Russia
Answer- b- Ombudsman in Scandinavia

Preamble of Of Indian Constitution describes India as-
a- Soverign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic
b- Socialist, Sovereign, Democratic, Secular Republic
c- Sovereign, Democratic, Socialist, Secular Republic
d- Democratic, Sovereign, Secular, Socialist, Republic
Answer- a- Soverign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic

Supreme court's judgement for the Kesavananda Bharti Vs State of India case is landmark, as-
a- Abolishing the Untouchability from the country
b- Religion cannot be changed
c- The basic structure of the constitution cannot be changed
d- Right to life and liberty cannot be suspended under any circumtance
Answer- c- The basic structure of the constitution cannot be changed

The words 'Secular', 'Socialist', 'Unity and Integrity of Nation' were added to the preamble of Constitution in which Amendment-
a- 41st
b- 42nd
c- 52nd
d- 47th
Answer- b- 42nd

Which of the following liberty is not embodied in the Preamble of the Constitution of India-
a- Liberty of Thought
b- Liberty of Belief
c- Liberty of Expression
d- Economic Liberty
Answer-  d- Economic Liberty

What was the constitutional status of India when the Constitution was inaugurated-
a- Democratic Republic
b- Sovereign Democratic Republic
c- Soverign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic
d- Secular Democratic Republic
Answer- b- Sovereign Democratic Republic

The constitution of India contains-
a- 9 schedules
b- 10 schedules
c- 11 schedules
d- 12 schedules
Answer- d- 12 schedules

Indian constitution has-
a- 395 articles
b- 398 articles
c- 399 articles
d- 396 articles
Answer- a- 395 articles

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