Wildlife of India: facts, information

India is a vast country and many of its area is under the cover of forest. Variety of animals and trees are found in these forests. This makes India’s wildlife rich and diverse.

  • The popular animals of India are –Bengal Tiger, Indian Lions, Deer, Black Bears, Asian Elephant, Monkeys, Camels and many more.
  • India has about 500 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 120 National Park and 18 Bio-reserves.
  • We can understand about India’s richer and diverse wildlife from the fact that India has three biodiversity hot-spots among the 34 biodiversity hot-spots of the world. They are- Western Ghats, Eastern Himalayas, and Indo-Burma.
  • India is also a Mega-diverse country along with other 16 countries. These Mega-diverse countries are the home of 60-70% of world’s diversity.
  • India is home of about 172 threatened spices – Asian Elephant, Asian Lion, Bengal Tiger, Mugger Crocodile, Rhinoceros etc.
  • About 1300 species of birds are found in India among these 42 are endemic. Some of the common Indian birds are- Ringed Parrot, Green Bee Eater, Indian Roller, Koel, Blue Kingfisher, Laughing Dove.
  • Royal Bengal Tiger and the Peacock are the National animal and National Bird of India respectively. Ganges river dolphin is the national aquatic animal and Hanuman Langur is the national mammal of India.
  • Some of the common trees found in India are- Neem, Banyan, Peepal, Audumbar, and Bamboo.