Important Lakes of India: facts, information, general knowledge

India is the home of many beautiful and diverse type of lakes. It has glacier lakes in Himalaya, tectonic lakes in Kashmir, lagoons along the sea cost, oxbow lakes in ganga plains etc.

List of Important Indian Lakes

Lake Description
Pulicat Situated in Andhra Pradesh
It is the second largest brakish water lake of India
Sriharikota island separates this lake from Bay of Bengal. Sriharikota is the home of Satish Dhawan Space Centre
Kanwar It is situated in Bihar
It is Asia’s largest fresh water oxbow lake
Chilika It is situated in Odisha
Worlds second and India’s largest coastal lagoon.
Place for migrating birds in winter.
Dhebar Situated in Rajasthan
It is India’s second largest artificial lake
Sambhar It is in Rajasthan
It is the India’s largest inland salt water lake
It is the most saline lake of India
Vembanad Kayal Located in Kerala
It is the longest lake of India
It is the largest lake of Kerala
Lonar It is situated in Maharashtra
The impact of a Meteor created it
Kolleru It is in Andhra Pradesh
It is between the Krishna and Godavari Delta
It is one of the largest fresh water lake of India
Wular Located in Jammu and Kashmir
It is the largest fresh water lake of India
It was created by Tectonic activity and fed by river Jhelum
Dal lake It is situated in Srinagar
Asia’s largest tulip garden is in the banks of this lake.
This lake is also known as Srinagar’s Jewel
Loktak It is in Manipur
It is the largest fresh water lake of North East India
Keibul Lamjao, the only floating National Park of World, floats over it
Nal Sarovar Lake Located in Gujarat
It is the home of Largest bird sanctuary of India
Roop Kund Located in Uttarakhand
It has a very special place for the Hindu devotees. It is also known as Skeleton Lake