List of Indian Scientists their work and information

Indian ScientistsInformation/work
C V RamanIndian physicist
In 1930, he won nobel prize for his work in light Scattering
He is well know for the Raman effect and Rman Scattering
Homi J BhabhaIndian nuclear physicist
He is also known as Father of Indian Nuclear Programe
Under his directorship Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) and Trombay Atomic Energy Establishment grown to its fullest
Satyendra Nath BosePhysicist and Mathematician
He is well known for the Bose-Einstein statistics
The Boson particle was named after him
Subrahmanyan ChandrasekharIndian American astrophysicist
He won Nobel prize in 1983 with William A Fowler
He is famous for his Chandrasekher Limit
Srinivasa RamanujanIndian mathematician
He had published many theorems with English mathematician G. H. Hardy
Some of his famous works are Ramanujan conjecture, Ramanujan prime, Ramanujan-Soldner constant, Ramanujan theta function, Ramanujan's sum.
A P J Abdul kalamPhysicist and Aerospace Engineer
Commonly known as Missile Man of India. He has contributed much in the development of Missile Technology in India
He was also involved in Space research programme and in PSLV development
In 1997 he was awarded with Bharat Ratna
Jagdish Chandra BoseIndian physicist, biologist, biophysicist, botanist
He is one of the fathers of radio science.
His works are Millimetre waves, Crescograph
Meghnad SahaIndian Astrophysicist
He is famous for his work in Thermal Ionisation and Saha Equation
Shanti Swaroop BhatnagarHe has worked in the field of Chemistry
He is also known as Father of Indian Research Laboratories
He was the first director of CSIR (Council of Scientfic and Industrial Research).
After his name CSIR started the award Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology
Vikram SarabhaiIndian Physicst
He is also called as the Father of India's Space program
He was the founder of Physical Research Laboratory, ISRO
Birbal SahniIndian paleobotanist
His focus of study was Plant Evolution and fossil plants of india.
He is the founder of Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany at Lucknow
BrahmaguptaIndian mathematician
He is well famous for Zero and modern Number system
S.S. AbhyankarIndian American mathematician
He is well known for Abhyankar's conjecture of finite group theory.
Prasanta Chandra MahalanobisIndian mathematician and Statistician
He is well known for Mahalanobis distance
Harish ChandraIndian American mathematician and physicist
His famous works are Harish-Chandra's c-function, Harish-Chandra's character formula, Harish-Chandra homomorphism, Harish-Chandra isomorphism, Harish-Chandra module, Harish-Chandra's regularity theorem
Prafulla Chandra RayIndian Chemist
He is the founder of Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
G N RamachandranIndian physicist
He is famous for Ramachandran plot
Venkatraman RamakrishnanIndian-American-British structural biologist
He won Noble prize in 2009 in Chemistry with Thomas A. Steitz and Ada Yonath
His some of the works are Structure and function of the ribosome,
macromolecular crystallography
Anil KakodkarIndian nuclear scientist
He was part of Indian Nuclear programs, Pokhran II, Smiling Buddha
He was associated with many institutions BARC, Atomic Energy Commission of India, Department of Atomic Energy
Yellapragada SubbarowIndian biochemist
He has discovered the role of phosphocreatine and adenosine triphosphate in muscular activity.
He is known for synthesis of folic acid and synthesis of methotrexate.
C N R RaoIndian chemist
His worked is mainly in solid-state and structural chemistry
He was awarded the Bharat Ratna in 2013. He is currently the Head of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India.
He has authored around 1500 research papers and 45 books
Jayant NarlikarIndian astrophysicist
He is well known for Hoyle-Narlikar theory
Raja RamannaIndian physicist
He is well known for his role in India's Nuclear Program-Smiling Buddha, Shakti
Raj ReddyIndian-American computer scientist
He has done tremendous work in Artificial Intelligence.
He won the Turing Award in 1994
Upendranath BrahmachariIndian Medical Practitioner
He discovered the Urea Stibamine, it was helpful in the treatment of Kala-azar
Narendra KarmakarIndian mathematician
He is well known for Karmakar's Algorithm
Ashoke SenIndian theoretical physicist
His work area is String Theory
His well known works are S-duality and Sen Conjecture.
He has won the Fundmental Physics prize
Abhay AshtekarIndian theoretical physicist
Creator of Ashtekar variables
He was the part of team who discovered loop quantum gravity and its subfield loop quantum cosmology.
He and his team calculated the entrophy of a Black Hole
M S SwaminathanIndian geneticist
He is known as Indian Father of Green Revolution.
He has developed the high-yielding varieties of wheat in India.
He is the founder of MS Swaminathan Research Foundation
Animesh ChakravortyProfessor of Chemistry
Worked in the field of Coordination complex
Raghunath Anant MashelkarIndian chemical engineer
He has played key roles in Intellectual Property Rights and formation of R&D
Ashok GadgilHe has worked in Energy and Environmental Technologies.
He is famous for UV Waterworks and Darfur Stoves
Anna ManiIndian physicist and meteorologist
She has contributed in meteorological instrumentation
Mokshagundam VisvesvarayaIndian Civil Engineer
He is famous for construction of the Krishna Raja Sagara dam, chief designer of the flood protection system for the city of Hyderabad.
He won the Bharat Ratna Award in 1955. In his memory, 15 September is celebrated as Engineers Day in India.
M G K MenonIndian physicist
He is famous for the KGF Experiments.
He was also associated with many research institutions and helped them to shape
AryabhataIndian mathematics and Indian astronomy
He was known as the first to introduce the concepts like lunar eclipse and solar eclipse, rotation of Earth on its axis, reflection of light by moon, sinusoidal functions.
Narinder Singh KapanyIndian-born American physicist
He is also called as the Father of Fiber Optics
He has done excellect work in the area of fiber optics
E C George SudarshanIndian theoretical physicist
His some of the best works are Optical coherence, Sudarshan-Glauber representation, V-A theory, Tachyons, Quantum Zeno effect
Govindarajan PadmanabanIndian biochemist and biotechnologist
He has done many experiments related to celluar processes and is also interested in Vaccine development
Padmanabhan BalaramIndian biochemist
His focus of work is peptides
Kailash Nath kaulIndian botanist, agronomist, agricultural scientist.
His notable work is Arecaceae Research
K R RamanathanIndian physicist and meteorologist
He helped in the foundation of Dobson ozone spectrophotometer stations in India
BhaskaraIndian mathematician and astronomer
His work related to equations and algebra was remarkable
Ganapathi ThanikaimoniIndian palynologist
He contributed significantly in the area of palynology
Aditi PantIndian oceanographer
First Indian women to visit Antartica. She was in Indian expedition to Antarctica in 1983
Roddam NarasimhaIndian aerospace scientist and fluid dynamicist
He contributed significantly in Aerospace technology development in India
K RadhakrishnanSpace Researcher
He is known for Chandrayaan and MOM
Anil BhardwajHis work area is Space and planetary science.
He was part of many experiments- SARA (Sub-keV Atom Reflecting Analyzer) experiment on the Chandrayaan-1 mission, MENCA experiment on the first Indian Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), CHACE-2 experiment on the Chandrayaan-2
He is member of ISRO and many national institutes
Krishnaswamy KasturiranganIndian space scientist
He was associated with Indian satellite developments
Amal Kumar RaychaudhuriIndian physicist
His research area is General Relativity and cosmology.
He is famous for the Raychaudhuri equation.
He is also a great teacher and many of his students are scientists.
Rajesh GopakumarIndian theoretical physicist
His work is specially focused on String theory
He is known for Gopakumar-Vafa duality, Gopakumar-Vafa invariants
Kariamanickam Srinivasa KrishnanIndian physicist
He was co-discoverer of Raman Effect for which C V Raman got Nobel prize
Thanu PadmanabhanIndian theoretical physicist and cosmologist
His focus of work is Dark Energy, Quantum Gravity, Gravitation
Vijay P BhatkarIndian computer scientist
He was the Architect of PARAM series of Supercomputers
Pisharoth Rama PisharotyIndian physicist and meteorologist
He is also known as Father of remote sensing in India
Salim AliIndian ornithologist
He is also called as Birdman of India
He helped in developing bird sanctuaries and protecting them.