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Indian Polity General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-13

Who is called the first Law officer of India-
a- Attorney General
b- Chief Justice of India
c- Law Minister
d- Solicitor General
Answer- a- Attorney General

Who is called the Second Law Officer of India-
a- Attorney General
b- Law Minster
c- Chief Justice of India
d- Solicitor General
Answer- d- Solicitor General

Who is called as the Guardian of Public Purse-
a- Attorney General
b- CAG
c- President
d- Chief Justice of India
Answer- b- CAG

Attorney General of India is the legal advisor of-
a- President
b- Prime Minister
c- Lok Sabha
d- Government of India
Answer- d- Government of India

Maximum interval between two sessions of Parliament is-
a- 3 month
b- 6 month
c- 4 month
d- 9 month
Answer- b- 6 month

How many seats are required to get recognition as official opposition group in parliament-
a- 1/3 of total strength
b- 1/4 of total strength
c- 1/6 of total strength
d- 1/10 of total strength
Answer- d- 1/10 of total strength

What is the minimum age to contest parliamentary election-
a- 18
b- 21
c- 22
d- 25
Answer- d- 25

Japan's parliament is known as-
a- Dali
b- Yuan
c- Diet
d- Shora
Answer- c- Diet

President of India can nominate, how many number of Anglo Indian Community member to the parliament-
a- 2
b- 5
c- 8
d- 10
Answer- a- 2

Chinese parliament is known as-
a- National Assembly
b- National Parliament of China
c- National People's Congress
d- None
Answer- c- National People's Congress

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