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Indian Polity General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-17

Which Indian state has the highest number of seats reserved for Scheduled Tribes in Lok Sabha-
a- Uttar Pradesh
b- Bihar
c- Madhya Pradesh
d- Gujarat
Answer- c- Madhya Pradesh

To become a opposition party or group in Lok Sabha, the minimum number of seats required are-
a- 60
b- 50
c- 45
d- 40
Answer- b- 50

Uttar Pradesh accounts for how many Lok Sabha seats-
a- 60
b- 50
c- 80
d- 90
Answer- c-80

How many Lok Sabha constituencies are from states-
a- 525
b- 530
c- 532
d- 528
Answer- b- 530

The first female Lok Sabha Speaker was-
a- Indira Gandhi
b- Sucheta Kripalini
c- Vijay Laxmi Pandit
d- Meira Kumar
Answer- d- Meira Kumar

The fixed number of members in Lok Sabha is-
a- 550
b- 545
c- 543
d- 541
Answer- b-545

The total Lok Sabha seats are-
a- 500
b- 545
c- 543
d- 520
Answer- c-543

On basis of which Census, the allocation of seats in Lok Sabha to the states-
a- 1961
b- 1971
c- 2011
d- 1991
Answer- b- 1971

Areawise which is the largest lok sabha constituency-
a- Laddakh
b- Bhilwara
c- Kangra
d- Kachchh
Answer- a- Laddakh

Who forms the advisory Committees of the parliament-
a- Vice President
b- Speaker
c- President
d- Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
Answer- a- Speaker

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