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Indian Polity General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-16

Maximum time limit of Zero Hour is -
a- 30 Minutes
b- 1 Hour
c- 2 Hour
d- Unlimited
Answer- b- 1 Hour

Which of the following state has the minimum number of elected members in Rajya Sabha-
a- Jammu and Kashmir
b- Jharkhand
c- Chhattisgarh
d- Himachal pradesh
Answer- d- Himachal pradesh

The fixed strength of Rajya Sabha is-
a- 210
b- 230
c- 250
d- 300
Answer- c- 250

The first mid term elections where held in-
a- 1962
b- 1971
c- 1977
d- 1980
Answer- b-1971

Which of the following state (except Uttar Pradesh) has the maximum members in Lok Sabha-
a- Maharashtra
b- Bihar
c- Tamilnadu
d- West Bengal
Answer- a- Maharashtra

The speakers vote in Lok Sabha is known as-
a- Direct Vote
b- Sound Vote
c- Indirect Vote
d- Casting Vote
Answer- c- Indirect Vote

How many members from Union Territories represent Lok Sabha-
a- 18
b- 22
c- 20
d- 10
Answer- c- 20

The maximum strength of Lok Sabha is-
a- 500
b- 525
c- 550
d- 552
Answer- d- 552

President can nominate_____number of Anglo Indians in Lok Sabha-
a- 1
b- 2
c- 4
d- 5
Answer- b- 2

Which of the following state elect one member in Lok Sabha-
a- Sikkim
b- Manipur
c- Arunachal Pradesh
d- Tripura
Answer- a- Sikkim

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