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Indian Polity General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-18

Speaker of Lok Sabha can resign his office by addressing his resignation to-
a- President
b- Vice President
c- Deputy Speaker
d- Prime Minister
Answer- c- Deputy Speaker

Which of the following person was not elected as speaker for two terms-
a- Baliram Bhagat
b- Balram Jakhar
c- G M C Balayogi
d- Sanjiva Reddy
Answer- a- Baliram Bhagat

The motion of no confidence was moved against which speaker for the first time-
a- Hukum Singh
b- Balram Jhakhar
c- K S Hegde
d- G V Mavalankar
Answer- d- G V Mavalankar

It is whose responsibility to decide a bill is Money bill or not-
a- President
b- Finance Secretary
c- Speaker
d- Finance Ministry
Answer- c- Speaker

The first Lok Sabha Speaker was-
a- Hukum Singh
b- G S Dhillon
c- G V Mavalankar
d- Ayyangar
Answer- c- G S Mavalankar

Which type of bill can only be initiated in Lok Sabha-
a- Money Bill
b- Ordinary Bill
c- Constitution Amendment Bill
d- Private members Bill
Answer- a- Money Bill

Who calls for the joint session of the two houses-
a- President
b- Prime Minister
c- Speaker
d- Vice President
Answer- a- President

By which bill government propose collection of revenues for a year-
a- Supplementary Bill
b- Finance Bill
c- Economic Bill
d- None
Answer- b- Finance Bill

What is zero hour-
a- When matter of importance are raised
b- when money bill is introduced in Lok Sabha
c- When the proposals of Oppositions are raised
d- none
Answer- a- When matter of importance are raised

When a bill presented in parliament becomes an Act-
a- When president gives his assent
b- When prime minister signed it
c- When the bill gets through both the houses
d- None
Answer- a- When president gives his assent

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