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Indian History General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-11

Which dynasty succeeded Sungas-
a- Kanvas
b- Maurya
c- Satvahanas
d- Guptas
Answer- a- Kanvas

In which place Buddhist Council was held during the reign of Kanishka-
a- Kashmir
b- Magadha
c- Patliputra
d- Ceylon
Answer- a- Kashmir

Kanishka was defected by which chinese general-
a- Pen Chao
b- Ho Ti
c- Chi Huang Ti
d- Pan Yang
Answer- a- Pen Chao

The capital of Satvahanas was at-
a- Durg
b- Amaravati
c- Paithan
d- Magadha
Answer- c- Paithan

Which Indian Ruler is known as Protector of Varna System-
a- Vasudeva
b- Kharvela
c- Kanishka
d- Pushyamitra Sunga
Answer- b- Kharvela

The art style which is a combination of Indian and Greek features is -
a- Sikhar
b- Gandhar
c- Nagar
d- Vesar
Answer- b- Gandhar

Sakabda was started in -
a- 273 BC
b- 58 BC
c- 78 AD
d- 420 AD
Answer- c- 78 AD

Who introduced the practice of military governorship in India-
a- Sakas
b- Mughals
c- Greeks
d- Parthians
Answer- c- Greeks

In which place the capital of Kadamba kings was located-
a- Kanchi
b- Badami
c- Tanjore
d- Vanavasi
Answer- d- Vanavasi

In which place the third sangam was held-
a- Tuticorin
b- Madurai
c- Ernakulam
d- Kanchi
Answer- b- Madurai

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