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Indian History General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-15

The caves and rock cut temples of Ellora are-
a- Jain, Buddhist
b- Buddhist, Hindu
c- Jain, Hindu
d- Hindu, Jain, Buddhist
Answer- d- Hindu, Jain, Buddhist

Panchtantra was written during-
a- Maurya Period
b- Gupta Period
c- Harsha Period
d- Kanishhka Period
Answer- b- Gupta Period

The decimal system was first known in India in-
a- 2nd Century AD
b- 3rd Century AD
c- 4th Century AD
d- 5th Century AD
Answer- d- 5th Century AD

Which of the following book is a major book of Medicine-
a- Brihat Samhita
b- Charaka Samhita
c- Surya Siddhanta
d- Ayur
Answer- b- Charaka Samhita

Carbon Dating technique is used to determine the age of-
a- Fossils
b- Tree
c- Rocks
d- None
Answer- a- Fossils

The Khajuraho Temples were build by-
a- Holkars
b- Bundela
c- Chandela
d- Scindias
Answer- c- Chandela

Which Rajputa King defeated Muhammad Ghori for the first time-
a- Jaichanda
b- Kumarpal
c- Bhim
d- Prithviraj III
Answer- d- Prithviraj III

The famous Jagannath Temple of Puri was build by-
a- Anantvarman
b- Devavarman
c- Krishnavarman
d- None
Answer- a- Anantvarman

The dilwara temple is situated at-
a- Mout Abu
b- Aurangabad
c- Bhubaneswar
d- Khajuraho
Answer- a- Mount Abu

Who founded four Mathas in the four corner of India-
a- Bhaskaracharya
b- Shankaracharya
c- Madhvacharya
d- Ramanujacharya
Answer- b- Shankaracharya

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