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Indian History General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-19

Who was contemporary of Chingiz Khan-
a- Iltutmish
b- Alauddin Khilji
c- Mahmud Ghazanvi
d- Mohammadbin Tughlaq
Answer- a- Iltutmish

Who was the sultan of Delhi when the threat of invasion by Chingiz khan loomed-
a- Jalauddin Khalji
b- Balban
c- Iltutmish
d- AlauddinKhilji
Answer- c- Iltutmish

Who has written the "Tarikh-i-Alai", containing the description about Alauddin Khilji -
a- Amir Khusrau
b- Ziauddin Barani
c- Shams Siraj Afif
d- Yahiya bin Ahmed
Answer- a- Amir Khusrau

Who was the first muslim military commander who annexed Bangal and Bihar by defeating the Sena dynasty-
a- Shamsuddin
b- Bakhtiyar Khalji
c- Alauddin Khilji
d- Adil Shah
Answer- b- Bakhtiyar Khalji

Who was the first ruler to establish the ministry of agriculture (Diwan i Kohi) during the medieval period-
a- Akbar
b- Alauddin Khilji
c- Mohammad bin Tughlaq
d- Adil Shah
Answer- c- Mohammad bin Tughlaq

Who appointed Iltutmish as Chief Qazi of Delhi-
a- Alauddin Khalji
b- Ghiyasuddin Balban
c- Iltutmish
d- Mohammad bin Tughlaq
Answer- d- Mohammad bin Tughlaq

Whose general was Malik Kafur-
a- Alauddin Khalji
b- Mohammad bin Tughlaq
c- Balban
d- Firoz shah Tughlaq
Answer- a- Alauddin Khalji

What is the meaning of the term Jital which was used during the medieval india -
a- Diet
b- Game
c- Coin
d- Weight
Answer- c- Coin

Who is the founder of Sayyid Dynasty-
a- Khizr Khan
b- Muhammad Shah
c- Mubaraq Shah
d- Alauddin Alam Shah
Answer- a- Khizr Khan

Which delhi sultan established a town where Agra is situated now -
a- Bahlol Lodi
b- Sikander Lodi
c- Sher Shah Suri
d- Mohammad bin Tughlaq
Answer- b- Sikander Lodi

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