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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-17

Patanjali is famous for his-
a- Brahma Sutra
b- Yoga Sutra
c- Nyaya Darshan
d- Ayurveda
Answer- b- Yoga Sutra

Which was the first mass movement started by Mahatma Gandhi-
a- Salt Movement
b- Quit India Movement
c- Indigo Movement
d- Non Co-operation Movement
Answer- d- Non co-operation movement

Bande Matram was part of which novel-
a- Anand Math
b- Grihadaha
c- Durgesh Nandini
d- Gitanjali
Answer- a- Anand Math

Who was the chairperson of the Drafting Committee set up by the Constituent Assembly-
a- Rajendra Prasad
b- Jawaharlal Nehru
c- B R Ambedkar
d- None
Answer- c- B R Ambedkar

In which year first general election in India was held-
a- 1950
b- 1951
c- 1952
d- 1953
Answer- b- 1951

Which was the first state created on the linguistic basis-
a- Assam
b- Tamilnadu
c- Karnataka
d- Andhra Pradesh
Answer- d- Andhra Pradesh

How many spokes are there in the ashok chakra of National flag-
a- 16
b- 20
c- 24
d- 28
Answer- c-24

Mc Mohan Line lies between which two country-
a- India, Pakisthan
b- India, China
c- India, Bangladesh
d- India, Myanmar
Answer- b- India, China

Which is the highest national award-
a- Padmashree
b- Padma Vibhushan
c- Ashok Chakra
d- Bharat Ratna
Answer- d- Bharat Ratna

Areawise which is the largest district of India-
a- Baster
b- Burdwan
c- Kachchh
d- Leh-Laddakh
Answer- d- Leh-Laddakh

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