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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-24

Which is a land locked state-
a- Gujarat
b- West Bengal
c- Madhya Pradesh
d- Tamilnadu
Answer- c- Madhya Pradesh

Which is the longest river of peninsular India-
a- Krishna
b- Narmada
c- Godavari
d- Kaveri
Answer- c- Godavari

Green revolution is associated with which crop-
a- Rice
b- Wheat
c- Sugarcane
d- Pulses
Answer- b- Wheat

Golden Revolution is associated with-
a- Oilseeds
b- Pulses
c- Cereals
d- Horticulture
Answer- d- Horticulture

Bhopal gas tragedy was happened due to which of the following gas-
a- Methane
b- Nitrous oxide
c- Methyl iso cyanate
d- Carbon monoxide
Answer- c- Methyl iso cyanate

Red Data Book gives information about the species which are-
a- Dangerous
b- Rare
c- Extinct
d- Endangered
Answer- d- Endangered

ISRO was founded in the year-
a- 1967
b- 1969
c- 1970
d- 1974
Answer- b- 1969

In which year India won its first Olympic  hockey gold-
a- 1928
b- 1932
c- 1936
d- 1948
Answer- a- 1928

"The kalam effect:my years with the president"- is written by-
a- Anees Jung
b- P M Nayer
c- M J Akbar
d- Mulk Raj Anand
Answer- b- P M Nayer

Which Indian state elects one Lok Sabha member-
a- Sikkim
b- Manipur
c- Tripura
d- Arunachal Pradesh
Answer- a- Sikkim

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