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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-16

What is meaning of the term Buddha-
a- The Powerful
b- The Enlightend One
c- The Genius
d- The Mysterious
Answer- b- The enlightend One

"Panchantra" was written in which age-
a- Gupta Period
b- Maurya Period
c- Kanishka Period
d- Harsha Period
Answer- a- Gupta Period

Minimum age af a candidate to contest parliamentary election is-
a- 18 years
b- 22 years
c- 25 years
d- 26 years
Answer- c- 25 years

What is the strength of Rajya Sabha-
a- 220
b- 210
c- 250
d- 230
Answer- c- 250

Who has the power to transfer any case anywhere in India-
a- President
b- Supreme Court
c- High Court
d- None
Answer- b- Supreme Court

"My experiments with truth" is written by-
a- James Morris
b- J K Rowling
c- M Gandhi
d- Bhagat Singh
Answer- c- M Gandhi

Who is called the Flying Sikh of India-
a- N Sidhu
b- Mohinder Singh
c- Milkha Singh
d- Harbhajan Singh
Answer- c- Milkha Singh

The Postage Stamp in India was introduced by which Governor General-
a- Lord Canning
b- Lord Dalhousie
c- Lord Auckland
d- Lord Bentick
Answer- b- Lord Dalhousie

Who founded Sikhism-
a- Nanak
b- Ramdas
c- Gobind Singh
d- Arjuna Dev
Answer- a- Nanak

A national party is one which receives 4% of the total votes polled in-
a- Two or more state
b- The capital City
c- Four or more state
d- In all State
Answer- c- Four or maore state

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