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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-21

The mystic poet Mira Bai was-
a- one of the wives of a rajput ruler
b- a rajput women who never married
c- a gujrati royal family married to a rajput
d- daughter of a priest
Answer- a- one of the wives of a rajput ruler

The traces of Portuguese culture are found in which part of India-
a- Calicut
b- Cochin
c- Goa
d- Cannanore
Answer- c- Goa

The slogan Jai Hind was given by-
a- M Gandhi
b- J L Nehru
c- S C Bose
d- B G Tilak
Answer- c- S C Bose

Who is also known as the Iron Man of India-
a- M Gandhi
b- S C Bose
c- B G Tilak
d- Sarder Patel
Answer- d- Sarder Patel

Vasco de Gama was a-
a- French Explorer
b- British Explorer
c- Portuguese Explorer
d- Australian Navigator
Answer- c- Portuguese Explorer

Who is also called Saint of Gutters-
a- M Gandhi
b- Mother Teresa
c- Baba Amte
d- Ambedkar
Answer- b- Mother Teresa

What is the full form of EVM-
a- Electric Vending Machine
b- Electronic Vending Machine
c- Electronic Voting Machine
d- None
Answer- c- Electronic Voting Machine

Who is the author of Alice in Wonderland-
a- Lewis Carroll
b- J K Rowling
c- Charles Dickens
d- Victor Hugo
Answer- a- Lewis Carroll

Kundankulam Nuclear Plant is located in-
a- West Bengal
b- Kerala
c- Tamilnadu
d- Karnataka
Answer- c- Tamilnadu

Red soil coloris caused by-
a- Aluminium Compounds
b- Iron Compounds
c- Mercury Compounds
d- Clay
Answer- b- Iron Compounds

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