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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-15

What is the meaning of the word Aryan-
a- Farmer
b- Of Good Family
c- Pastoral Society
d- Brahamachari
Answer- b- Of good family

Which is The Bible of Tamil Land-
a- Kural
b- Manimekalai
c- Talkappiyam
d- Ramayana
Answer- Kural

From where the game chess was originated-
a- India
b- China
c- Arabia
d- Europe
Answer- a- India

What can be the maximum interval between two sessions of parliament-
a- 3 month
b- 4 month
c- 6 month
d- 9 month
Answer- c- 6 months

The tunure of a member of Rajya Sabha is-
a- 4 years
b- 5 years
c- 6 years
d- 8 years
Answer- c- 6 years

Who is also called the custodian of Indian Constitution-
a- President
b- Parliament
c- Council of Ministers
d- Supreme Court
Answer- d- Supreme Court

Which is the largest tribal group of India-
a- Santhals
b- Bhils
c- Nagas
d- Gonds
Answer- d- Gonds

Who is the author of Kama Sutra-
a- Jayadev
b- Vatsyayana
c- Jagmohan
d- Ram Vilas Sharma
Answer- b- Vatsyayana

Who is also called The columbus of the space age-
a- Kalpana Chawla
b- Yuri Gagarin
c- Leela Seth
d- Wallece
Answer- b- Yuri Gagarin

The first Indian to get selected in ICS -
a- Lala Lajpat Rai
b- C R Das
c- Satyendra nath Tagore
d- Sarojini Naidu
Answer- c- Styendra Nath Tagore

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