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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-12

"Doctrine of Lapse" is associated with which governor general-
a- Lord Cuzron
b- Lord Ripon
c- Lord Dalhousie
d- Lord Bentick
Answer- c- Lord Dalhousie

The first cotton mill in india was established in-
a- Surat
b- Coimbatore
c- Mumbai
d- Jaipur
Answer- c- Mumbai

In India currency-notes issue system is based on-
a- Minimum Reserve System
b- Fixed Exchange Rate System
c- Proportional Reserve system
d- Fully Convertibility System
Answer- a- Minimum Reserve System

Monetary Policy in India is formulated by-
a- SBI
b- Finance Ministry
c- RBI
d- Planning Commission
Answer- c-RBI

To be a regional party, minimum percentage of votes a party needs to secure in election is-
a- 2%
b- 3%
c- 4%
d- 5%
Answer- c-4%

Areawise which is the largest Lok Sabha Constituency-
a- Kutch
b- Kangra
c- Lucknow
d- Laddakh
Answer- c- Laddakh

Which Indian state has the worlds largest deposit of Thorium-
a- Assam
b- Kerala
c- Andhra Pradesh
d- Karnataka
Answer- b- Kerala

In which state first nuclear power plant was installed-
a- Rajasthan
b- Odisha
c- Maharashtra
d- Karnataka
Answer- c- Maharashtra

Which country is not a member of SAARC-
a- Bhutan
b- Pakisthan
c- Nepal
d- Afghanisthan
Answer- d- Afghanisthan

The author of the book "The Argumentative Indian" is-
a- Sashi Tharoor
b- Amartya Sen
c- Chetan Bhagat
d- Abdul Kalam
Answer- b- Amartya Sen

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