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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-18

The great law giver of ancient time was-
a- Manu
b- Ashoka
c- B R Ambedkar
d- Aryabhata
Answer- a- Manu

English is the official language of which Indian State-
a- Tripura
b- Nagaland
c- Assam
d- Manipur
Answer- b- Nagaland

Jana Gana Mana was first sung when and where-
a- 24 Jan,1950,Allahabad
b- 24 Jan,1950,Delhi
c- 26 Dec,1942,Calcutta
d- 27 Dec,1911,Calcutta
Answer- 27 Dec,1911, Calcutta

Head Office of SBI is located in which Indian City-
a- Kolkata
b- Mumbai
c- Pune
d- New Delhi
Answer- b- Mumbai

Amartya Sen won Nobel Award in which field-
a- Peace
b- Medicine
c- Economics
d- Chemistry
Answer- c- Economics

Saraswati Samman is given for outstanding contribution in-
a- Literature
b- Fine arts
c- Education
d- Classical Music
Answer- a- Literature

Which is the oldest mountain range of India-
a- Himalaya
b- Aravali
c- Satpura
d- Nilgiri
Answer- b- Aravali

Kaziranga National Park is famous for which animal-
a- Lion
b- Tiger
c- Crocodile
d- Rhinoceros
Answer- d- Rhinaceros

In which Indian state has maximum number of Sugar factories-
a- Bihar
b- Assam
c- Uttar Pradesh
d- Punjab
Answer- c- Uttar Pradesh

Which is the artificial port of India-
a- Chennai
b- Haldia
c- Kandla
d- Mangalore
Answer- a- Chennai

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