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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-22

Where the first cotton mill of India was established-
a- Ahmedabad
b- Mumbai
c- Surat
d- Coimbatore
Answer- Mumbai

In which year Vasco De Gama discovered sea route of India-
a- 1492
b- 1494
c- 1496
d- 1498
Answer- d- 1498

Who is called the Father of Modern India-
a- M Gandhi
b- Ram Mohan Roy
c- J L Nehru
d- Rabindranath Tagore
Answer- b- Ram Mohan Roy

The first session of Indian National Congress was held at-
a- Calcutta
b- Ahmedabad
c- Allahabad
d- Bombay
Answer- d- Bombay

Which Indian State has no Panchyat Raj Institution-
a- Assam
b- Tripura
c- Kerala
d- Nagaland
Answer- d- Nagaland

Which of the following is a market regulator-
a- RBI
d- NSE
Answer- b- SEBI

Wher is the headquarter of RBI situated-
a- Delhi
b- Kolkata
c- Mumbai
d- Chennai
Answer- c- Mumbai

Bismillah Khan is associated with-
a- Sarod
b- Tabla
c- Flute
d- Shehnai
Answer- d- Shehnai

who was the first navigator to sail round the world-
a- Columbus
b- Amundsen
c- Marco Polo
d- Magellan
Answer- c- Marco Polo

In which year Reserve Bank of India was nationalished-
a- 1946
b- 1947
c- 1949
d- 1951
Answer- c- 1949

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