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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-19

which one among the following is an active volcano of India-
a- Barren Island
b- Maya Bunder Island
c- Noncowry Island
d- Nicobar Island
Answer- a- Barren Island

How many islands of India are located in Bay of Bengal-
a- 200
b- 204
c- 210
d- 265
Answer- b-204

Among sources of power, India has largest reserve of-
a- Natural Gas
b- Oil
c- Coal
d- Atomic Power
Answer- c- Coal

Who is also known as lok Nayak-
a- M Gandhi
b- Bal Gangadhar Tilak
c- Subhas Chandra Bose
d- Jai prakesh Narayan
Answer- d- jai prakesh narayan

On which date Jammu and kashmir became part of India-
a- 26 Oct, 1947
b- 26 Nov, 1948
c- 26 Oct, 1948
d- None
Answer- a-26 Oct,1947

Where is Raisina Hill-
a- Himalaya
b- Kashmir
c- Presidents House
d- Kerala
Answer- c-Presidents House

Which Indian state does not keep its own High Court-
a- Odisha
b- Sikkim
c- Manipur
d- Himachal Pradesh
Answer- c-Manipur

National Emblem of India is-
a- Lion
b- Dharma Chakra
c- Tiger
d- Star and Crescent
Answer- b- Dharma Chakra

Who is the author of the book Around the world in Eighty Days-
a- Jules Verne
b- J K Rowling
c- Charles Dickens
d- K Bhatt
Answer- a- Jules Verne

The headquarter of International Court of Justice is located at-
a- New York
b- Geneva
c- Rome
d- The Hague
Answer- d- The Hague

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