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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-14

From which mines Kohinoor diamond was produced-
a- Bijapur
b- Odisha
c- Golconda
d- Durgapur
Answer- c- Golconda

Total number of Lok Sabha seats is-
a- 543
b- 550
c- 520
d- 585
Answer- a- 543

Which Indian state has a separate Constitution-
a- Arunachal Pradesh
b- Assam
c- Jammu and Kashmir
d- Sikkim
Answer- c- Jammu and Kashmir

Mandal commission report was implemented in which year-
a- 1988
b- 1990
c- 1991
d- 1992
Answer- b-1990

Which among the following currencies is costliest-
a- Euro
b- Swiss Franc
c- French Franc
d- Pound Sterling
Answer- d- Pound Sterling

Yen is the currency of-
a- Taiwan
b- South Korea
c- China
d- North Korea
Answer- c- china

Which Indian Company was listed in NASDAQ for the first time-
a- TCS
b- Reliance
c- Tata
d- Infosys
Answer- d- Infosys

The southernmost point of India is-
a- Port Blair
b- Indira Point
c- Cape Comorin
d- Point Calimere
Answer- b- Indira Point

One of the states through which Tropic of Cancer passes is-
a- Bihar
b- Jharkhand
c- Jammu and Kashmir
d- Himachal Pradesh
Answer- b- Jharkhand

Arjuna Award is given for-
a- Science and Technology
b- Sports
c- Bravery
d- Literature
Answer- b- Sports

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