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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-11

Highest gravity dam of theworld is-
a- Bhakra
b- Mettur
c- Hirakund
d- Nagarjuna Sagar
- d-Nagarjuna Sagar

Who is also known as "Sparrow"-
a- Sardar Patel
b- M Gandhi
c- Rajinder Singh
d- Milkha Singh
- c- Rajinder Singh

One rupee coins and subsidiery coins are issued by-
a- RBI
b- Unit Trust of India
c- SBI
d- Central Goverment
- d- Central Government

Which state has the largest irrigated area-
a- Maharashtra
b- Gujarat
c- Tamilnadu
d- Andhra Pradesh
- Andhra Pradesh

Which sportsman has received Bharat Ratna for the first time-
a- Milkha Singh
b- Dhyan Chand
c- Sachin Tendulkar
d- Sourav Ganguly
- c- Sachin Tendulkar

Term bogey is associated with which sport-
a- Golf
b- Baseball
c- Chess
d- Cricket
- a- Golf

The first europeans reached India for trade were-
a- British
b- Dutch
c- French
d- Portuguese
- d- Portuguese

Who founded the Khalsa-
a- Guru Nanak
b- Guru Ramdas
c- Guru Gobind Singh
d- Guru Arjun Dev
- c- Guru Gobind Singh

Who advises thestate government on legal matters-
a- Attorney General
b- Advocate General
c- Chief Justice of High Court
d- None
- b- Advocate General

The right to vote in india is given on the basis of-
a- Gender
b- Age
c- Education
d- Religion
- b- Age

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