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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-25

Who is the director of the film "The Gandhi"-
a- Mrinal Sen
b- Ben
c- Richard Attenborough
d- Nani Palkhivala
Answer- Richard Attenborough

Who is the author of the book "Gullivers Travels"-
a- Charles Lamp
b- Alexander Dumas
c- Charles Dickens
d- Jonathan Swift
Answer- d- Jonathan Swift

Acceptable Noise pollution range in India is-
a- 10-15 dec
b- 16-35 dec
c- 40-45 dec
d- 70-100 dec
Answer- c-40-45 dec

The only floating Natioal Park "The Keibul Lamjao" is in which Indian state-
a- Manipur
b- Assam
c- Mizoram
d- Meghalaya
Answer- a- Manipur

Who is also known as the Father of Economic reform-
a- Amartya Sen
b- Manmohan Singh
c- Indira Gandhi
d- None
Answer- b- Manmohan Singh

Who among the following is appointed by the president of India-
a- Governor of a State
b- CAG
c- Attorney General of India
d- All
Answer- d- All

The song "Sare Jahan Se Achchha Hindusthan Hamara" is written by-
a- Rabindranath Tagore
b- Muhammad Iqbal
c- Syed Ahmed Khan
d- Bahadur Shah Zafar
Answer- b- Muhammad Iqbal

Who, amongest the englishman, first translated Bhagavad Gita into english-
a- Charles Wilkins
b- William Jones
c- John Marshal
d- Alexander Cunningham
Answer- a- Charles Wilkins

The Chittgong armoury raid was organised by-
a- Batukeshwar Datta
b- Surya Sen
c- Laxmi Sehgal
d- J M Sengupta
Answer- b- Surya Sen

Who was called the Zinda Pir in mughal India-
a- Shahjahan
b- Akbar
c- Jahangir
d- Aurangzeb
Answer- d- Aurangzeb

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