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Indian Polity General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-6

Who has the power to curve out a new state-
a- President of India
b- Parliament
c- Council of Ministers
d- State's Reorganisation Commission
Answer- b- Parliament

How many States and Union Territories are in India-
a- 28 states, 7 UT
b- 29 states, 6 UT
c- 29 states, 7 UT
d- 30 States, 7 UT
Answer- c- 29 States, 7 UT

Details of Citizenship are mentioned in which part of Indian Constitution-
a- Part I
b- Part II
c- Part III
d- Part IV
Answer- b- Part II

Who among the following reffered the Right to Constitutional Remedies as 'Heart and Soul' of Indian Constitution-
a- B R Ambedkar
b- M Gandhi
c- J L Nehru
d- R Prasad
Answer- a- B R Ambedkar

According to Indian Constitution who is the guardian of Fundamental Rights-
a- Parliament
b- President
c- Constitution
d- Supreme Court
Answer- d- Supreme Court

In which part of Indian Constitution, details about Fundamental Rights are mentioned-
a- Part I
b- Part II
c- Part III
d- Part IV
Answer- c- Part III

Under the Constitution of India which Right is both Human Right as well as Fundamental Right-
a- Right to Information
b- Right to Work
c- Right to Education
d- Right to Housing
Answer- c- Right to Education

Which article of Indian Constitution gurantees freedom of Press-
a- Article- 22
b- Article- 16
c- Article- 31
d- Article- 19
Answer- d- Article-19

Which fundamental right is not avilable for the foreign citizen-
a- Right of Freedom of Expression
b- Equality before law
c- Right againest Exploitation
d- Right of freedom of expression
Answer- a- Right ofFreedom of Expression

Which of the following writs examines the functioning of Subordinate Courts-
a- Certiorari
b- Quo Warranto
c- Habeas Corpus
d- Mandamus
Answer- a- Certiorari

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