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Indian History General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-9

Which animal does not appear on the Sarnath lion capital of Ashoka-
a- Bull
b- Elephant
c- Dear
d- Horse
Answer- c- Dear

Vishnugupta was the name of-
a- Kalidasa
b- Ashoka
c- Chanakya
d- Patanjali
Answer- c- Chanakya

Megasthenes was an envoy of Which King-
a- Alexander
b- Seleucus
c- Darius
d- Antiochus
Answer- b- Seleucus

Which dynasty is the oldest dynasty of India-
a- Maurya
b- Gupta
c- Kanva
d- Kushana
Answer- a- Maurya

Who was appointed by Ashoka to Administer justice in his empire-
a- Kumar Amatya
b- Uparika
c- Sharmana
d- Rajuka
Answer- d- Rajuka

Arthashastra was written by-
a- Chanakya
b- Kalidasa
c- Patanjali
d- Bihana
Answer- a- Chanakya

In which place Buddhist council was held during the time of Ashoka-
a- Magadha
b- Samastipur
c- Rajgriha
d- Patliputra
Answer- d- Patliputra

The Deccan was conquered under which maurya rulers-
a- Chandragupta
b- Bindusara
c- Ashoka
d- Kunala
Answer- b- Bindusara

The author of the Mudrarakshasa was-
a- Bana
b- Kalhana
c- Vishakhdatta
d- Kautilya
Answer- c- Vishakhdatta

The name of the book written by Megasthenes is-
a- Indica
b- Purana
c- Arthashastra
d- Veda
Answer- a- Indica

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