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Indian History General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-6

Who is contemporary of Buddha-
a- Confucius
b- Moses
c- Hammurabi
d- Prophet Mohammad
Answer- a- Confucius

The central idea of Buddha's preaching was-
a- Practice of rituals
b- Idol Worship
c- One God
d- Purity of thought and conduct
Answer- d- Purity of thought and conduct

Which Indian state is reffered as 'craddle of buddhism'-
a- Bihar
b- Sikkim
c- Madhya Pradesh
d- Uttar Pradesh
Answer- d- Uttar Pradesh

Buddha lived approximately at the same time to-
a- Parsvanath
b- Bhadrabahu
c- Mahavira Jain
d- Chandragupta Maurya
Answer- c- Mahavira Jain

According to Buddhism the third vehicle was-
a- Zen
b- Mahasanghika
c- Vajrayana
d- None
Answer- c- Vajrayana

Gandhara school of art came into existance in-
a- Shiva Sect
b- Hinayana Sect
c- Mahayana Sect
d- Vaishanava Sect
Answer- c- Mahayana Sect

What is Digha Nikaya-
a- Jain Text
b- Buddhist Text in pali
c- Short stories ascribed to Kautilya
d- Work related to Upanishad
Answer- b- Buddhist Text in pali

Dharma Chakra Pravartan is related to which place-
a- Sravasti
b- Bodh Gaya
c- Sarnath
d- Sanchi
Answer- c- Sarnath

Among the following who is associated with Shunyata or Shunyavad-
a- Nagarjuna
b- Harisena
c- Buddha
d- Mahavira
Answer- a- Nagarjuna

Among the following who is associated with carrying Jainism in South India-
a- Sudharmana
b- Bhadrabahu
c- Stulabhadra
d- Indrabhuti
Answer- b- Bhadrabahu

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