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Indian History General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-8

Which of the following stupa site is not associated with any of Buddha's life incient-
a- Sarnath
b- Sanchi
c- Kushinagar
d- Bodh Gaya
Answer- b- Sanchi

In which language Tripitaka was written-
a- Pali
b- Sanskrit
c- Brahmi
d- Kharosthi
Answer- a- Pali

Who was the last Trithankara-
a- Subhadra
b- Siddhartha
c- Parsvanath
d- Mahavira
Answer- d- Mahavira

Mahamastakabhisheka, great religious event is assoicated with-
a- Jain
b- Budda
c- Bahubali
d- Nataraja
Answer- c- Bahubali

Anekantavada is central theory of which religion-
a- Jainism
b- Buddhism
c- Hinduism
d- Sikkhism
Answer- a- Jainism

Devanama Piyadasi was the name of which king-
a- Chandragupta Maurya
b- Ashoka
c- Binduasara
d- Buddha
Answer- b- Ashoka

Chanakya was associated with which learning centre-
a- Vikramshila
b- Nalanda
c- Vaishali
d- Takshasila
Answer- d- Takshasila

Which event brought profound change in Ashoka's life-
a- Thirs Buddhist Council
b- Kalinga War
c- Embracing of Buddhism
d- Sending missionary to Ceylon
Answer- b- Kalinga War

In Which State the Great stupa at sanchi is in-
a- Uttar Pradesh
b- Madhya Pradesh
c- Andhra Pradesh
d- Bihar
Answer- b-Madhya Pradesh

Under whose influcence Ashoka took Buddhism-
a- Vishnu Gupta
b- Brihadrath
c- Upa Gupta
d- Brahma Gupta
Answer- c- Upa Gupta

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