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Indian History General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-10

Who was the last emperor of maurya dynasty-
a- Brihadratha
b- Avanti Verman
c- Askoka
d- Jalok
Answer- a- Brihadratha

Which Indian king defeated the Seleucus-
a- Bindusara
b- Ashok
c- Samudragupta
d- Chandragupta
Answer- d- Chandragupta

Which Indian King assumed the title 'Amitraghata'-
a- Ashoka
b- Bindusara
c- Chandragupta Maurya
d- Ajatshatru
Answer- b- Bindusara

Who started the Saka Era-
a- Samudragupta
b- Ashoka
c- Kanishka
d- Vikramaditya
Answer- c- Kanishka

The greatest development in the kushana period was in-
a- Literature
b- Architecture
c- Art
d- Religion
Answer- b- Architecture

The capital of Kanishka was-
a- Patliputra
b- Taxila
c- Purushapura
d- Mathura
Answer- c- Purushapura

In whose reign St. Thomas came to India to propagate christianity-
a- Nendujelian (Pandya)
b- Karikal (Chola)
c- shenguttavan (Chera)
d- Gondapharnese (Parthian)
Answer- d- Gondapharnese (Parthian)

Famous physician Charak was whose court physician-
a- Harsha
b- Ashoka
c- Kanishka
d- Chandragupta
Answer- c- Kanishka

From where the headless statue of Kanishka was found-
a- Takshsila
b- Sanchi
c- Allahabad
d- Mathura
Answer- d- Mathura

Gandhara school of art is associated with whose reign-
a- Harsha
b- Kanishka
c- Ashoka
d- Vikramaditya
Answer- b- Kanishka

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