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Indian Geography General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-8

Which is the main river of Rajasthan-
a- Narmada
b- Indus
c- Damodar
d- Luni
Answer- d- Luni

The river Luni ends in-
a- Arabian Sea
b- Rann of Kutch
c- Bay of Bengal
Answer- b- Rann of Kutch

Brahmaputra mainly flows through which country
a- India
b- China
c- Tibet
d- Nepal
Answer- c- Tibet

The source of the Brahmaputra river is-
a- Siachen Glacier
b- Gangotri Glacier
c- Angsi Glacier
d- Tang Glacier
Answer- c- Angsi Glacier

Which is a famous river of North-East India-
a- Ganges
b- Padma
c- Brahmaputra
d- Damodar
Answer- c- Brahmaputra

Which is not a tributary river of Indus-
a- Jhelum
b- Kabul
c- Beas
d- Tamsa
Answer- d- Tamsa

The mouth of the Indus river is-
a- Bay of Bengal
b- Arabian Sea
c- Indian Ocean
Answer- b- Arabian Sea

Which is the Main river of North-West India -
a- Ganges
b- Narmada
c- Indus
d- Krishna
Answer- c- Indus

Among the options, Which city doesn't located near the Ganges-
a- Patna
b- Kolkata
c- Kanpur
d- Bhubaneswar
Answer- d- Bhubaneswar

Among the options, Which is not a tributary river of Ganges-
a- Koshi
b- Gomati
c- Son
d- Hooghly
Answer- d- Hooghly

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