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Indian Geography General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-9

The source of Yamuna River is-
a- Yamu
b- Gangotri
c- Yamunotri
d- Siachen
Answer- c- Yamunotri

Which is the main tributary river of Ganges-
a- Gomti
b- Yamuna
c- Betwa
d- Koshi
Answer- b- Yamuna

Which is the largest Delta of World-
a- Majuli
b- Ganges Delta
c- Delta of Nile
d- Delta of Indus
Answer- b- Ganges Delta

Which river meets with the Ganges in Devprayag-
a- Yamuna
b- Gomti
c- Alaknanda
d- Koshi
Answer- c- Alaknanda

The source of Ganges is-
a- Gangotri Glacier
b- Siachen Glacier
c- Pindari Glacier
Answer- a- Gangotri Glacier

The length of Ganges is-
a- 3000 Km
b- 2510 Km
c- 2330 Km
d- 3510 Km
Answer- b- 2510 Km

Where softwood forests are mostly found-
a- Sunderban
b- Nilgiris
c- Himalayan Region
d- Western Ghats
Answer- c- Himalayan Region

Which is also reffered as Green Gold-
a- Coffee
b- Agriculture
c- Forest
d- Industry
Answer- c- forest

Jim Corbet National Park is located in-
a- MP
b- Bihar
c- West Bengal
d- Uttarakhand
Answer- d- Uttarakhand

Which Indian states has forest coverage of more than 75% of the geographical area-
a- Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland
b- AP, Manipur, Nagaland
c- AP, MP, Nagaland
d- AP, Manipur, MP
Answer- b- AP, Manipur, Nagaland

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