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Indian Geography General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-7

Which is the largest Union Territory of India (Area Wise)-
a- Puducherry
b- Daman and Diu
c- Andaman and Nicobar Islands
d- Chandigarh
Answer-  c- Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Which State of India is the Least populous state-
a- Mizoram
b- Goa
c- Sikkim
d- Nagaland
Answer- c- Sikkim

In the view of population, which state of India is the largest?
a- Bihar
b- West Bengal
c- Uttar Pradesh
d- Maharashtra
Answer- c- Uttar Pradesh

India is divided into how many states-
a- 30
b- 29
c- 28
d- 27
Answer- b- 29

The source of Narmada river is-
a- Pushkar valley
b- Amarkantak
c- Gangotri Glacier
d- Sone lake
Answer- a- Amarkantak

Which is the longest river of South India
a- Kaveri
b- Krishna
c- Narmada
d- Godavari
Answer- d- Godavari

Shivanasamudra Falls is created by which River-
a- Krishna
b- Godavari
c- Kaveri
d- Narmada
Answer- c- Kaveri

Hundru Waterfall is created by which river-
a- Narmada
b- Mahanadi
c- Damodar
d- Subarnarekha
Answer- d- Subarnarekha

Which is the most important river of south India -
a- Kaveri
b- Narmada
c- Godavari
d- Krishna
Answer- c- Godavari

Which river is east flowing river-
a- Tapti
b- Mahanadi
c- Godavari
d- Krishna
Answer- a- Tapti

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