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Indian Geography General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-10

In which Indian State Kaziranga Wild Life Sanctuary is located-
a- Assam
b- Kerala
c- Tamilnadu
d- Bihar
Answer- a- Assam

Which is a World Heritage forest-
a- Nandan Kanan in Odisha
b- Sundarbans in West Bengal
c- Kaziranga in Assam
d- None
Answer- c- Kaziranga in Assam

Famous bird santuary of Haryana is-
a- Sultanpur
b- Sariska
c- Bharatpur
d- Rajaji
Answer- a- Sultanpur

Which is the first National Park established in India-
a- Corbett
b- Peri
c- Bandipur
d- Velavadar
Answer- a- Corbett

Which organization publish Red Data BOok-
b- WCU
c- WWF
d- UNE
Answer- a- IUCN

How much land surface of India is under the coverage of forest-
a- 11%
b- 22%
c- 33%
d- 44%
Answer- b- 22%

In which santuary Kashmir Stag is found-
a- Gir
b- Mudumalai
c- Kanha
d- Dachigam
Answer- d- Dachigam

Silent Vallay of Kerala is famous for-
a- Costly timber trees
b- Picnic spot
c- Evergreen forest of India
d- contains rare species of plants and animals
Answer- d- Contains rare species of plants and animals

Mudumalai santuary is famous for-
a- Elephants
b- Birds
c- Lions
d- Bisons
Answer- a- Elephants

In which year Project Tiger was launched-
a- 1969
b- 1976
c- 1973
d- 1989
Answer- c- 1973

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