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Indian Economy General Knowledge (Gk) Quiz Questions-7

The first train in India started in-
a- 1953
b- 1867
c- 1853
d- 1848
Answer- c- 1853

First Electricity supply introduced in India-
a- Chennai
b- Mumbai
c- Kolkata
d- Darjeeling
Answer- d- Darjeeling

In which Indian state Tehri Hydro Power Complex is located-
a- Sikkim
b- UP
c- Uttarakhand
d- Madhya Pradesh
Answer- c- Uttarakhand

Maximum crude petroleum in India is produced by-
a- Gujarat
b- Assam
c- Bombay High
d- Coastal Tamilnadu
Answer- c- Bombay High

Which is the longest National Highway of India-
a- NH 7
b- NH 2
c- NH 15
d- NH 11
Answer- a- NH 7

Which programme was launched in India to improve basic infrastructure-
a- SEZ
b- Bharat Nirman Programme
c- National Rural Emplyment Gurantee Act
d- None
Answer- b- Bharat Nirman Programme

Which is the oldest oil Refinery of India-
a- Haldia
b- Digboi
c- Mathura
d- Koyali
Answer- b- Digboi

First Electric train of India was ran between-
a- Howrah Delhi
b- Mumbai Surat
c- Kalyan Pune
d- Delhi Chennai
Answer- c- Kalyan Pune

ONGC was set up in which year-
a- 1957
b- 1959
c- 1961
d- 1956
Answer- d- 1956

STEP programme is for the help of-
a- Children
b- Women
c- Farmers
d- Ex- Servicemen
Answer- b- Women

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