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Indian Economy General Knowledge (Gk) Quiz Questions-9

Who is the main person behind the green revolution-
a- K V Kamath
b- Rakesh Mohan
c- C Rangrajan
d- M S Swaminathan
Answer- d- M S Swaminathan

Who is father of White Revolution-
a- K N Bahal
b- V Kurien
c- M S SWaminathan
d- B P Pal
Answer- b- V Kurien

Central Rice Research Institute is located in-
a- Cuttack
b- Bhubaneswar
c- Coimbatore
d- Delhi
Answer- a- Cuttack

Where is the Indian Pulse Research Institute located-
a- Lucknow
b- Cuttack
c- Kanpur
d- Allahabad
Answer- c- Kanpur

Who said "Everything else can wait, but not agriculture"-
a- Sardar Patel
b- M Gandhi
c- J Nehru
d- Jagjivan Ram
Answer- c- J Nehru

First Agricultural University of India was established in-
a- Kanpur
b- Cuttack
c- Pantnagar
d- Naini
Answer- c- Pantnagar

Indian Sugarcane Research Institute is situated in-
a- Lucknow
b- Varanasi
c- Delhi
d- Kanpur
Answer- a- Lucknow

From which place Indian green revolution started-
a- Bangaluru
b- Kanpur
c- Delhi
d- Pantnagar
Answer- d- Pantnagar

Central Food Technological Research Institute is located in-
a- Mysore
b- Lucknow
c- Bangaluru
d- Karnal
Answer- a- Mysore

In which year FCI was set up-
a- 1960
b- 1965
c- 1970
d- 1955
Answer- b- 1965

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