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Indian Economy General Knowledge (Gk) Quiz Questions-8

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan programme comes under which department-
a- Home Affairs
b- Rural development
c- HRD
d- Social Welfare
Answer- c- HRD

The full form of PPP is-
a- Partial Payment Project
b- Public Private Plan
c- Popular Private Project
d- Public Private Partnership
Answer- d- Public Private Partnership

Which organization was created to provide employment to women-
b- USO
d- SVP
Answer- a- SEWA

The major thrust of Jawahar Rojgar Yogana is on-
a- Providing training to the rural youth for self employment
b- Creating employment opportunities in urban areas
c- Creating additional wage employment opportunities in rural areas
d- removal of poverty among the scheduled castes
Answer- c- creating additional wage employment opportunities in rural areas

The concept of Human Development Index was created by-
a- A S Kadir
b- Amartya Sen
c- Alva Myrdal
d- Mehboob ul Haq
Answer- d- Mehboob ul Haq

Midday meal scheme was started in-
a- 1995
b- 1996
c- 1998
d- 1999
Answer- a- 1995

On What basis Poverty level in India is established-
a- Household average income
b- Slum population in the country
c- Per capita income in different states
d- Household consumer expenditure
Answer- d- Household consumer expenditure

What does Relative poverty refers-
a- Trade Cucle
b- Economic Inequalities
c- Minimum needs of life
d- Bankruptcy
Answer- b- Economic Inequalities

Which government agency grades and standardise different agricultural products-
a- Directorate of Marketing and Inspection
b- Food Corporation of India
c- Central Statistical Organization
d- Bureau of Indian Standards
Answer- a- Directorate of Marketing and Inspection

With which Blue Revolution is related-
a- Milk
b- Fish
c- Food Grain
d- Oilseed
Answer- b- Fish

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