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Indian Economy General Knowledge (Gk) Quiz Questions-6

Which Indian State has the largest coal reserves in India-
a- Bihar
b- Odisha
c- Jharkhand
d- West Bengal
Answer- c- Jharkhand

Forest Reserve Institute of India is located in-
a- Lucknow
b- Delhi
c- Bhopal
d- Dehradun
Answer- d- Dehradun

Sundarban of West Bengal is a-
a- Grassland Ecosystem
b- Forest Ecosystem
c- Mangrove Ecosystem
d- Marine Ecosystem
Answer- c- Mangrove Ecosystem

Which is the Biological Diversity Hotspot of India-
a- Chilka Lagoon
b- Sundarban
c- Western Ghat
d- Eastern Ghat
Answer- c- Western Ghat

Which is the longest irrigation canel of India-
a- Yamuna Canal
b- Indira Gandhi Canal
c- Sirhind Canal
d- Bari Doab Canal
Answer- b- Indira Gandhi Canal

In which year the first National Forest Policy was issued by the Government-
a- 1965
b- 1952
c- 1999
d- 1940
Answer- b-1952

Which Indian State is famous for its sandalwood-
a- Kerala
b- Karnataka
c- Assam
d- MP
Answer- b- Karnataka

Which river is an International river-
a- Mahanadi
b- Narmada
c- Brahmaputra
d- Cauvery
Answer- c- Brahmaputra

Chipko Movement is related with-
a- Conservation of Forests
b- Protection of Birds
c- Conservation of rivers
d- Conservation of Tigers
Answer- a- Consrvation of Forest

In which Indian State Korba Coalfield is located-
a- Assam
b- Odisha
c- West Bengal
d- Chhattisgarh
Answer- d- Chhattisgarh

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