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Indian Economy General Knowledge (Gk) Quiz Questions-10

On the basis of raw material which is the correct classification of industries-
a- Small scale and Large scale
b- Basic and Consumer
c- Primary and Secondary
d- Agro Based and Mineral
Answer- c- Primary andSecondary

Which is a Navaratna PSE-
b- Engineers India LTD
c- Mahanagar Telephone Nigama LTD
d- Container Corporation of India LTD
Answer- c- Mahanagar Telephone Nigama LTD

The biggest enterprise of Gevernment of India is-
a- Banking
b- Shipping
c- Railway
d- Postal
Answer- c- Railway

Why SIDBI was established-
a- finance large scale industries
b- finance public sector undertakings
c- fince cottage industries
d- finance small scale industries
Answer- d- finance small scale industries

From when disinvestment in public enterprises was started-
a- 1992-93
b- 1993-94
c- 1991-92
d- 1990-91
Answer- c- 1991-92

In which year first industrial policy of free India announced-
a- 1948
b- 1951
c- 1952
d- 1956
Answer- a- 1948

Which Industry is called sunrise industry-
a- Plastic
b- Automobile
c- Jewellary
d- Steel
Answer- b- Automobile

Industrial licensing was abolised in-
a- 1991
b- 1970
c- 1980
d- 1995
Answer- a- 1991

rourkela Steel Plant was started with help of-
a- UK
b- USA
c- West Germany
Answer- c- West Germany

The goal of Industrial Licensing policy was to-
a- Use of modern Technology
b- Creation of Employment opportunities
c- Balanced industrial development across regions
d- Free flow of capital
Answer- c- Balanced industrial development across regions

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