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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-9

Who is called the Father of Lok Sabha-
a- Mavlankar
b- Zakir Hussain
c- Anantasayanam
d- Bashyam
Answer- a- Mavlankar

International Court of Justice is located at-
a- Geneva
b- Amesterdam
c- Vienna
d- Hague
Answer- d- Hahue

In which place the summit of SAARC was held-
a- Colombo
b- Dhaka
c- Delhi
d- Kathmandu
Answer- b- Dhaka

Who is the author of the book Cry, the Peacock-
a- Anita Desai
b- Khushwant Singh
c- Arun Gandhi
d- Chetan Bhagat
Answer- a- Anita Desai

The first women to win the Jnanpith Award-
a- Mahashweta Devi
b- Amrita Pritam
c- Ashapurna Devi
d- Anita Desai
Answer- c- Ashapurna Devi

Kisan Diwas is on-
a- 18th December
b- 1st July
c- 23rd December
d- 4th December
Answer- c- 23rd December

With which sport Subroto Cup is associated-
a- Cricket
b- Football
c- Chess
d- Tennis
Answer- b- Football

First electricity in India was introduced in-
a- Chennai
b- Mumbai
c- Kolkata
d- Darjeeling
Answer- d- Darjeeling

The oldest oil refinery of India is-
a- Haldia
b- Koyali
c- Digboi
d- Mathura
Answer- c- Digboi

Blue Revolution is associated with-
a- Fish
b- Milk
c- Oilseed
d- Food Grain
Answer- a- Fish

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