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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-8

Which Vice President of India held the office for two Consective year-
a- Mr. V V Giri
b- Radhakrishnan
c- R Venkataraman
d- Shankar Dayal Sharma
Answer- b- Radhakrishnan

Who advises the Govenment of India on legal matters-
a- Attorney General
b- Chairman of Law Commission
c- Chief Justice of Supreme Copurt
d- None
Answer- a- Attorney General

Which is the largest(areawise) Lok Sabha constituency-
a- Bhilwara
b- Laddakh
c- Kangra
d- Kachchh
Answer- b- Laddakh

Unhappy India was written by-
a- Dadabhai Naoroji
b- M Gandhi
c- Lala Lajpat Rai
d- Surendranath Banerjee
Answer- c- Lala Lajpat Rai

Shanti Niketan was established by-
a- M Gandhi
b- Rabindranath Tagore
c- Surendra Banerjee
d- Lawaharlal Nehru

The Reserve Bank of India was established in -
a- 1947
b- 1940
c- 1949
d- 1935
Answer- d- 1935

In which city the headquarter of RBI is located-
a- Delhi
b- Kolkata
c- Mumbai
d- Chennai
Answer- c- Mumbai

In which year SEZ act was passed from parliament-
a- 2006
b- 2007
c- 2004
d- 2005
Answer- d- 2005

Who was the first test centurian of Indian Cricket-
a- Pankaj Roy
b- Lala Amarnath
c- Vinu Mankad
d- C K Naidu
Answer- b- Lala Amarnath

Which Indian has won the Nobel Prize in Physics-
a- C V Raman
b- Vikram Sarabhai
c- H C Bose
d- R Tagore
Answer- a- C V Raman

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