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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-10

Which balls diameter is largest-
a- Cricket
b- Glof
c- Tennis
d- Squash
Answer- b- Golf

The pen name of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhaye is-
a- Jarasandha
b- Kamla Kant
c- Anila Devi
d- Rupdarshi
Answer- c- Anila Devi

The novel The White Tiger is written by-
a- Kiran Desai
b- Aravind Adiga
c- Arundhati Roy
d- Anita Ddesai
Answer- b- Aravind Adiga

Which Indian State is a land locked state-
a- Madhya Pradesh
b- Goa
c- West Bengal
d- Tamil Nadu
Answer- a- Madhya Pradesh

In rice production Indias position in World is-
a- 1st
b- 2nd
c- 3rd
d- 7th
Answer- b- 2nd

Which places are connected by worlds highest road-
a- Manali and Kangra
b- Gangtok and Darjeeling
c- Leh and Srinagar
d- Leh and Manali
Answer- d- Leh and Manali

Varanasi Kanyakumari Natioal Highway is called-
a- NH 10
b- NH 16
c- NH 7
d- NH 3
Answer- c- NH 7

The first Municipal Corporation in India was established in-
a- Calcutta
b- Bombay
c- Madras
d- Delhi
Answer- c- Madras

First Agricultural Univercity was established in-
a- Kanpur
b- Cuttack
c- Pantnagar
d- Naini
Answer- c- Pantnagar

Who is the Father of White Revolution In India-
a- V Kurien
b- K N Bahal
c- B P Pal
d- Swaminathan
Answer- a- V Kurien

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