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Indian Polity General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-1

Which of the following has the most influcence in framing the Indian Constitution-
a- British Constitution
b- US Constitution
c- The government of India Act, 1935
d- Indian Council Act, 1909
Answer- c- The government of Indfia Act, 1935

Which act introduced Diarchy in India-
a- Indian council Act, 1909
b- Indian Independence Act, 1947
c- Government of India Act, 1935
d- Government of India act, 1919
Answer- d- Government of India Act, 1919

The instrument of Instructions contained in Government of India Act, 1935 was incorporated in Indian Constitution as-
a- Fundamantals Duties
b- Emenrgency Provisions
c- Directive Principals of State policy
d- Fundamantals Rights
Answer- b- Emergency Provisions

East India Company's monopoly in Indian Trade was abolished by which act-
a- Charter Act, 1813
b- Charter Act, 1833
c- Regulating Act, 1773
d- Government of India Act, 1935
Answer- a- Charter Act, 1813

India and Pakisthan were created by which Act-
a- The simla conference
b- Indian Independence Act
c- Government of India Act, 1935
d- The cabinet Mission Plan
Answer- b- Indian independence Act

Which Act was the basis of Montague Chelmsford Report-
a- Indian government Act, 1935
b- Indian Council Act, 1909
c- Indian Government Act, 1919
d- Indian Independence Act, 1947
Answer- c- indian Government Act, 1919

Which Act, put to an end of the East India Company's commercial activities in India-
a- The Charter Act, 1933
b- The charter Act, 1913
c- The Charter Act, 1833
d- The Charter Act, 1921
Answer- c- The charter act,1833

Jawahar Lal Nehru described which act as "Charter of Slavery"-
a- Government of India Act, 1919
b- Government of India Act, 1935
c- Indian Independence Act, 1947
d- Regulating Act of 1773
Answer- b- Government of India Act, 1935

Parliament adopted the Indian Constitution in which year-
a- 1947
b- 1950
c- 1948
d- 1952
Answer- b- 1950

When the Indian Constitution came into force-
a- December 9, 1946
b- January 26, 1950
c- 15 August, 1947
d- January 26, 1947
Answer- b- January 26, 1950

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