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Indian Polity General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-5

Which part of Indian constitution deals with fundamantal rights-
a- Part 1
b- Part 2
c- Part 3
d- Part 4
Answer- c- Part 3

The number of languages recognised by constitution is -
a- 15
b- 20
c- 22
d- 25
Answer- c- 22

According to the Article 24, child labour is banned in India. Child means a person who has not completed-
a- 14 years
b- 18 years
c- 20 years
d- 16 years
Answer- a- 14 years

Which article provides the method of Constitution amendment-
a- Article 348
b- Article 368
c- Article 358
d- Article 378
Answer- b- Article 368

President of India can be impeached by which article of Indian Constitution-
a- Article 61
b- Article 76
c- Article 75
d- Article 356
Answer- a- Article 61

The article of Indian Constitution which is related to abolition of Untouchability is-
a- Article 15
b- Article 16
c- Article 17
d- Article 18
Answer- c- Article 17

By which names our country mentioned in the constitution-
a- India, Bharat
b- India, Hindustan
c- India
d- India, Bharat, Hindustan
Answer- a- India, Bharat

Which Schudule of Indian Constitution lists the names of states and specifies their territories-
a- 1
b- 3
c- 2
d- 4
Answer- a-1

Which commissions recomendation created the states Punjab and Haryana-
a- Shah Commission
b- Dhar Commission
c- Gandhi Commission
d- Mahajan Commission
Answer- a- Shah Commission

Which of the states is a member of Seven Sisters-
a- Odisha
b- West Bengal
c- Bihar
d- Tripura
Answer- d- Tripura

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