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Indian History General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-3

The word 'Satyameva Jayate' is taken from which Upanishad-
a- Mundak
b- Brahma
c- Maitreyi
d- Mudgala
Answer- a- Mundak

Upanishads belongs to which category-
a- Yoga
b- Law
c- Philosophy
d- Religion
Answer- c- Philosophy

Who was the law giver of Ancient time-
a- Patanjali
b- Manu
c- Aryabhatta
d- Vatsyayana
Answer- b- Manu

In which veda thee word "Gotra" first occured-
a- Rigavada
b- Samaveda
c- YajurVeda
d- Atharvaveda
Answer- a- Rigaveda

Who propagated the Nyaya Darshan-
a- Kapil
b- Gautama
c- Ashoka
d- Jaimini
Answer- b- Gautama

Who wrote the "Ashtadhyayi"-
a- Balmiki
b- Ved Vyas
c- Kapil
d- Panini
Answer- d- Panini

The word "Arya" means-
a- Priest
b- Superior
c- Warrior
d- Knower
Answer- b- Superior

The area of Manu Smriti is-
a- Philosophy
b- Medicine
c- Law
d- Social order
Answer- c- Law

The Gayatri Mantra is composed by-
a- Ved Vyas
b- Vishwamitra
c- Indra
d- Vasishtha
Answer- b- Vishwamitra

Which veda contains the magical charms and spells-
a- Rigavada
b- Samaveda
c- YajurVeda
d- Atharvaveda
Answer- d- Atharvaveda

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