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Indian History General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-4

Which Indian King opposed the Alexander-
a- Ambhi
b- Porus
c- Dhanananda
d- Ashoka
Answer- b- Porus

What was the name of North Bihar in the ancient time-
a- Vatsa
b- Avanti
c- Vajji
d- Surasena
Answer- c- Vajji

In ancient time, the earliest capital of magadha kingdom was at-
a- Patliputra
b- Rajgir
c- Vaishali
d- Varanasi
Answer- b- Rajgir

During the time of Alexanders invasion, who were the rulers of Magadha-
a- Mauryans
b- Nandas
c- Shishunagas
d- Haryankas
Answer- c- Nandas

Where was the seat of the first Republic of the world in the 6th century BC-
a- Athens
b- Sparta
c- Vaishali
d- Patliputra
Answer- c- Vaishali

Which king choose patliputra as the capital for the first time-
a- Ashoka
b- Ajatasatru
c- Udayin
d- Kanishka
Answer- c- Udayin

Among the following, In which scripture the list of sixteen Mahajanapadas is available-
a- Mahabharat
b- Anguttar Nikaya
c- Rigavada
d- Samyukta Nikaya
Answer- b- Anguttar Nikaya

The first republic of the world in Vaishali was established by-
a- Nanda
b- Maurya
c- Lichhavi
d- Gupta
Answer- c- Lichhavi

Which early ruler of magadha murdered his father to ascend the throne and in turn was murdered by his own son-
a- Bimbishar
b- Udayan
c- Ajatasatru
d- Kanishka
Answer- c- Ajatasatru

Nanda Dynasty was founded by which king-
a- Dhanananda
b- Bimbisara
c- Udayan
d- Mahapadmananda
Answer- d- Mahapadmananda

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