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Indian History General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-1

In which year harappan civilization was discovered-
a- 1907
b- 1919
c- 1921
d- 1942
Answer- c-1921

Lothal dockyard belongs to which civilization-
a- Indus Valley
b- Vedic
c- Egyptian
d- Persian
Answer- a- Indus Valley

The name Mohenjodara means-
a- Mound of living
b- Mound of Dead
c- Mound of people
d- Mond of Vedas
Answer- b- Mound of Dead

Which animals use was unknown to the Indus valley civilization-
a- Bull
b- Horse
c- Dog
d- Cow
Answer- b- Horse

The famous figure of the dancing girl found in excavation of Mohenjodaro was made up of-
a- Terracotta
b- Bronze
c- Iron
d- Limestone
Answer- b- Bronze

The most ancient city discovered in india was-
a- Harappa
b- Mohenjodaro
c- Sindh
d- Patliputra
Answer- a- Harappa

In which place, the advanced water management system of Harappan civilization was found-
a- Lothal
b- Patliputra
c- Dholavira
d- Kalibangan
Answer- c-Dholavira

For textile, the cotton was first cultivated in-
a- India
b- Egypt
c- Mesopotamia
d- Africa
Answer- a- India

Indus Valley Civilization was discovered by-
a- Leonard Wooley
b- A.L Vasam
c- Dayaram Sahni
d- H.P. Parasiya
Answer- c- Dayaram Sahni

The south Indian people belongs to which ethnic group-
a- Aryan
b- Dravidian
c- Negrito
d- Nardic
Answer- b-Dravidian

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