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Indian History General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-5

Takshasila was located between which two rivers-
a- Indus, Jhelum
b- Chenab, Jhelum
c- Ravi, Beas
d- Ganges, Yamuna
Answer- a- Indus, Jhelum

In which place lord buddha breathe his last-
a- Sarnath
b- Rajgir
c- Bodh Gaya
d- Mayapur
Answer- c- Bodh Gaya

World's largest monolithic statue of Buddha is installed in-
a- Hyderabad
b- Bamiyan
c- Sarnath
d- Lhasa
Answer- b- Bamiyan

The sacred book of the Buddhists is-
a- Tripitaka
b- Veds
c- Agams
d- Upanishad
Answer- a- Tripitaka

The meaning of the word 'Buddha' is-
a- The enlightened one
b- Superior
c- The powerful
d- Religious peacher
Answer- a- The enlightened one

Nalanda university was located in which indian State-
a- Bengal
b- Odisha
c- Bihar
d- Punjab
Answer- c- Bihar

Mahavira was born at-
a- Sarnath
b- Vaishali
c- Magadha
d- Rajgir
Answer- b- Vaishali

The religious literature of the Jains at the early stage was written in-
a- Sanskrit
b- Pali
c- Ardhamagadhi
d- Tamil
Answer- c- Ardhamagadhi

The author of Buddha Charita was-
a- Nagasena
b- Vasumitra
c- Nagarjuna
d- Asvaghosha
Answer- d- Asvaghosa

'Nigantha Nataputra' is the name of-
a- Gautam Buddha
b- Mahavira Jain
c- Najarjuna
d- Veda Vyas
Answer- b- Mahavira Jain

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