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Indian Geography General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-3

When Himalaya Mountain was born-
a-Tertiary Age
b- Quaternary Age
c- Secondary Age
d- Gelasian Age
Answer- a- Tertiary Age

Which is the highest mountain of India-
a- Mount Everest
b- K2
c- Makalu
d- Kangchenjunga
Answer- d- Kangchenjunga

Which mountain is called the Roof of the World-
a- Arabali
b- Kangchenjunga
c- Pamir
d- Lhotse
Answer- c- Pamir

Which is the highest mountain of Karakoram
a- Mount Everest
b- K2
c- Kangchenjunga
d- Lhotse
Answer- b- K2

Which is the highest mountain of Himalaya-
a- K2
b- Mount Everest
c- Kangchenjunga
d- Nanga Parbat
Answer- b- Mount Everest

Which two continents was there in the north and south of the Tethys ocean-
a- Gondwana and Sri Lankan
b- Indian subcontinent and Chinese continent
c- Gondwana and Laurasia
d- None
Answer- a- Gondwana and Laurasia

The length of Himalaya is-
a- 2500 Km
b- 3000 Km
c- 1500 Km
d- 2300 Km
Answer- a- 2500 Km

Before the Himalayan Mountain, Which Ocean was there-
a-Arabian Sea
b- Atlantic Ocean
c- Tethys Ocean
d- Indian Ocean
Answer- c- Tethys Ocean

Which is a Dome Mountain of India-
a- Himalaya
b- Pamir
c- Satpura
d- None
Answer – c-  satpura

Himalaya is a--------- Mountain-
a- Dome Mountain
b- Folded Mountain
c- Volcanic Mountain
d- Fault Block Mountain
Answer – b- Folded Mountain

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