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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-3

The first Indian who qualified for Olympics was-
a- PT Usha
b- Shiny Abraham
c- Mika Singh
d- Karmam Malleshwari
Answer- a- PT Usha

With which sports Rangaswami Cup is associated-
a- Cricket
b- Football
c- Hockey
d- Golf
Answer- c- Hockey

Cotton for textile was first cultivated in-
a- Mesopotamia
b- Egypt
c- India
d- America
Answer- c- India

Tripitaka is a sacred book of-
a- Jains
b- Buddhists
c- Hindus
d- Sikhs
Answer- b- Buddhists

Who is called Light of Asia-
a- Zarathustra
b- Prophet Mohammad
c- AShoka
d- Lord Buddha
Answer- d- Lord Buddha

Which State belongs to seven sisters states-
a- Odisha
b- West Bengal
c- Kerala
d- Manipur
Answer- d- Manipur

Eradication of poverty was main goal of which five year plan-
a- Fourth five year plan
b- Fifth five year plan
c- Sixth five year plan
d- Second five year plan
Answer- b- Fifth five year plan

Which is the smallest million city of India-
a- Rajkot
b- Amritsar
c- Jaipur
d- Vijaywada
Answer- a- Rajkot

Which of the following systme has the oldest rock formation of India-
a- Aravalli System
b- Vindhyan System
c- Archean System
d- Cuddapah System
Answer- c- Archean System

Which of the Indian state has the largest area under wastelend-
a- West Bengal
b- Madhya Pradesh
c- Gujarat
d- Jammu & Kashmir
Answer- b- Madhya Pradesh

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