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India General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions-4

From where the mineral oil was first discovered In India-
a- Digboi
b- Mumbai
c- Naharkatiya
d- Ankleshwar
Answer- a- Digboi

Who is the author of Panchatantra-
a- Kalidas
b- Vishakhadatta
c- Vishnu Sharma
d- Panini
Answer- c- Vishnu Sharma

Duleep Trophy is associated with which sports-
a- Hockey
b- Football
c- Cricket
d- Tennis
Answer- c- Cricket

Which day is the World Environment Day-
a- December 24
b- June 5
c- October 2
d- July 5
Answer- b- June 5

Who is also reffered as Flying Sikh of India-
a- Milkha Singh
b- Ajit Pal Singh
c- Harbhajan Singh
d- Joginder Singh
Answer- a- Milkha Singh

SAARC was founded in-
a- India
b- Geneva
c- Dhaka
d- China
Answer- c- Dhaka

What is the full form of ISRO-
a- International Space Research organization
b- Indian Space Research organization
c- indian Scientific Research Organization
d- Indian Space Rocket Organization
Answer- b- Indian Space Research organization

Which act is basis for setting up of Supreme Court of india-
a- Regulating Act, 1773
b- Government of India Act, 1935
c- Indian Independence Act, 1947
d- Charter Act, 1813
Answer- a- Regulating Act, 1773

What does the term Mixed Economy means-
a- existance of both heavy and small industries
b- existance of both agriculture and industry
c- existance of both public and private sectors
d- existance of both rural and urban sectors
Answer- c- existance of both public and private sectors

The full form of GDP is-
a- Gross Depository Revenue
b- Gross Domestic Product
c- Global Depository Receipts
d- Gross Depository Product
Answer- b- Gross Domestic Product

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